Top 10 Best XJ Leaf Springs Review with Buying Guides

There are several types of springs used in automobiles, with each type having a couple of advantages over the other.

For example, the best XJ Leaf springs, a helical spring, is designed for automobiles such that it supports pulling, pushing, and carrying of load.

On the other hand, an air spring is a different spring that keeps an automobile at a constant standing height regardless of the load.

The type of spring used in an automobile determines the type of work it can perform. Leaf spring is common and mainly used for vehicle suspension.

In one form, leaf spring consists of a stack of slightly curved narrow plates of varying lengths and equal width clamped together with the shorter plate in the center, forming a semi-elliptical shape and fastened on the axle of the vehicle. 

The primary advantage of a leaf spring is that it supports the weight of the vehicle and absorbs the impact of irregularities of the road.

Top 10 Best XJ Leaf Springs Review 2021

Vehicle owners may desire to change the leaf spring of their vehicle to improve performance, driving comfort, and control. 

If you want to change the leaf spring of your vehicle, there are a few things you need to consider.

In this article, we’d be sharing with you factors to consider that will help you buy the best leaf spring. We’d also suggest our top 10 leaf springs after much research.

01. Libra LIB-507-SR Heavy Duty 5 Leaf Slipper



The first leaf spring we’d like to look into is one from the manufacturer Libra, the LIB-507-SR leaf spring.

The Libra LIB-507-SR is a stand-out leaf spring firstly because of its durability and secondly for its price.

Generally, leaf springs you can get for the price of the LIB-507-SB can not support as much weight as this Libra product. Hence it’s one of our most preferred leaf springs. 

5 leaf slipper

The Libra LIB-507-SR is designed with 5 leaf slippers. This means that there are 5 slippers stacked together to form one leaf spring.

The 5 slippers are obviously of varying length but the same width. All 5 slippers are 2.5 inches wide; hence it is compatible with a wide range of vehicles. 

Great quality

Another feature of the Libra LIB-507-SR that makes it stand out is its great quality.

Libra designed the LIB-507-SR with durable steel that has a spring bearing capacity of up to 5,000 pounds and an axle bearing capacity of up to 10,000 pounds.

Although this leaf spring is coated with anti-corrosion or weather-resistant paint, many customers complain about it not holding up against harsh conditions for long.

As such, we recommend you coat them with whatever you like before installing to be sure they’ll hold up. 

Includes U-Bolts

Unlike other leaf springs, that you’d have to purchase a U-Bolts separately, which may not be a perfect match.

Libra included one to avert this as well as give you more value for your money. The included U-Bolt in this kit makes installation stress-free.

The U-Bolts provide a strong tie between the spring leaves and the axle of your vehicle.    

Compatible with different SKU

The Libra LIB-507-SR is a very versatile leaf spring that is compatible with different SKUs. You can replace the 72-80-1, UNA297, and 176326 with the Libra LIB-507-SR.  


  • General duty trailer axle 
  • Affordable 
  • This leaf spring comes with bushings preinstalled 
  • Sturdy and holds up well


  • Kit does not include springs 

02. Golf-Cart-King Heavy Duty Deluxe Rear Leaf Spring Kit MODZ



Golf Cart King is another stand-out manufacturer of leaf springs. The MODZ leaf spring from Golf Cart King is a standard replacement spring ideal for carts used for golf.

If you have a cargo or rear seat box, we recommend installing this heavy-duty Golf Cart King for increased capacity. 

Heavy-duty deluxe rear leaf spring

Golf Cart King designed this leaf spring with heavy-duty raw materials. The leaf springs are made of alloy steel, which makes them durable enough to withstand rough terrains.

The 3 leaves design of this leaf spring kit contributes to the durability of the leaves. Overall this Golf Cart King springs average 15% thicker than other OEM and aftermarket springs. 

Complete kit

Another reason we are recommending this kit is that its manufacturer includes everything you’d need to improve your ride.

This kit includes 2 heavy-duty leaf springs, 4 metal spacers, 8 rubber bushings, and 2 U-Bolts. The 2 U-Bolts with mounting hardware make installation a breeze. 

Squeak free bushings

Unlike many aftermarket leaf springs kits, the bushings included in this kit are made with rubber.

Other manufacturers make use of polyurethane material to make the bushings of their leaf spring kits which are known to squeak.

But rubber bushings in this leaf spring kit are squeak-free and provide a smoother ride. 

Versatility compatibility

Another reason why we recommend you buy this leaf kit is because of its versatile compatibility.

For example, the Golf Cart King leaf kit is compatible with all club cars DS 1981 and Golf carts. It also fits all electric and gas Club Cars DS 1981 and other meets golf carts.

This is because the Golf Cart King MODZ replacement parts meet or exceed the expectations of OEM specifications. 


  • Thick heavy-duty leaf spring 
  • Meets or exceed OEM specifications 
  • Versatile compatibility 
  • Affordable 


  • Good quality, but you’d need a shock extender 

03. Dorman 929-301 Durable Material Rear Leaf Spring


Dorman is another leading manufacturer of auto parts founded in the United States.

One thing Dorman automotive aftermarket parts is that they focus on producing parts that are easy to install saves money, and are reliable.

The Dorman 929-301, for example, is a leaf kit that helps vehicle owners with rusted leaf springs causing the sagging suspension to restore proper spring suspension and tension in no time. 

Quality tested

Although Dorman indeed has so many aftermarket parts currently in the market, each product is tested for quality before being set out to the market.

The Dorman 929-301 leaf spring is tested with a series of durability and suspension holding capacity to validate it as fit for proper performance in a vehicle. 

Durable material

Another amazing feature of this Dorman leaf spring kit that makes it stand out is the durable material used in constructing it.

Dorman designed this leaf kit to provide you with prolonged durability. Additionally, Dorman featured a corrosion-resistant finish on the kit, which contributes greatly to the overall life span of the lift spring. 

Easy to install

Installing the Dorman 929-301 is quite easy and straightforward.

It’s so easy to install that anyone, even an inexperienced DIY enthusiast, can install one of these leaf springs from the comfort of the home garage.

The design of the leaf spring lets you install this leaf spring with ease, making the installation process hassle-free.

Perfect fit

While installing this Dorman leaf spring kit is a bit stress-free, you need to ensure it’s a perfect match on your automotive before purchasing.  


  • Ideal replacement 
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Exact fit 
  • Comes with bushings preinstalled


  • It does not come with bolts 

04. Rubicon Express RE1463 High Quality Leaf Spring for Jeep XJ


In all sincerity, the Rubicon Express RE1463 leaf springs are well designed to give you maximum value for your money.

Rubicon Express was carefully designed this spring, so you can count on them to provide maximum articulation, increased load capacity, and a smooth ride for all gear.

Another reason the Rubicon Express TE1463 leaf spring stands out is that its structural integrity and durability can handle the extra torque from lower gears and larger tires. 

Extreme duty spring

If the Rubicon Express RE1463 leaf spring is known for one thing, it’s its durability. It features all the right qualities that make this spring so great, like its alloy steel construction.

Rubicon Express designed this spring by stacking 6 leaves together, which makes the RE1463 the perfect spring for extreme terrains. 

Rubber bushings

Another feature we love about this Rubicon Express RE1463 leaf spring is that it comes with rubber bushings.

The rubber bushings on these leaf springs help lessen noise, vibration, and shock during transmission or squeaking.

This dampening effect not only gives you a smooth ride but also improves the lifespan as vibration can cause damage. 

Easy to install

Unlike installing a single leaf into an already existing leaf spring, this Rubicon Express leaf spring comes stacked together.

This makes installation stress-free and easy. Most importantly, Rubicon Express provides you with all the parts you’d need to install this leaf spring. 

Looks great after installation

These Rubicon Express leaf springs are amazing as they look great after installation. They add fairly 3.5 inches of lift to your vehicle even after settling.

The leaf spring itself is 8.89 centimeter high, 34.29 centimeters wide, and 129.54 centimeters long. 


  • Compatible with JeepSpeed race series 
  • Value for money 
  • Ride quality is better than shocks 
  • Ideal for extreme terrains


  • Eye to eye length is too short 

05. Golf-Cart-King EZGO TXT Heavy Duty Deluxe Rear Leaf Spring Kit


As we said earlier, the Golf Cart King is a stand-out manufacturer that makes standard replacement parts for Golf carts.

The Golf Cart King E-Z-GO is a heavy-duty rear leaf spring designed for rugged terrain. And the best part is that the E-Z-GO sells for only a few dollars. 

Heavy-duty leafs

The Golf Cart King E-Z-GO is ideally designed to last long. The best leaf springs for xj heat-treated steel used for these leaf springs is durable and stiff.

In the design, Golf Cart King stacked 3 leaves together to form this stand-out spring.

Unlike other OEM and aftermarket parts, these E-Z-GO leaf springs from Golf Cart King are 15% thicker on average. 

Complete kit

Another reason you should consider buying this leaf spring is that it comes with everything you’d need.

Included in this kit are all the necessary mounting hardware that makes installation a breeze, such as two heavy-duty leaf springs, four U-Bolt, twelve rubber bushings, and 6 metal spacers. 

Squeak free bushings

The bushings included in this kit are made with rubber. This is better than most aftermarket parts as the rubber bushings provide you with a squeak-free ride.

Instead of the regular polyurethane, Golf Cart Kings maintained their standard in quality by making the bushings of these leaf springs with rubber which provides you with better comfort. 

Wide compatibility

Another important feature to note about the Golf Cart King E-Z-GO is that they are compatible with a wide number of vehicles.

It is compatible with all E-Z-GO TXT 1994 as well as electric 1994-2004 gas golf cart. Similarly, all MODZ replacement parts exceed and meet the OEM specifications. 


  • Well made heavy-duty spring 
  • Complete kit with all the necessary mounting hardware included 
  • It gives a noticeable lift 
  • Perfect fit 


  • Not the easiest to install 

06. EZGO 70506G01 Heavy Duty Rear Leaf Spring Set

If you haven’t heard about the Textron E-Z-GO brand, then you’ve been missing out on a bunch of amazing aftermarket parts that could improve your driving experience.

Most Textron E-Z-GO products are either direct replacement parts or accessories designed to specifically fit a vehicle. 


One of the first things Textron E-Z-GO does before sending its products to the market is to test its superior quality, performance, and reliability.

As an OEM provider, the Textron E-Z-GO leaf springs are made with high standard steel, which contributes to the overall durability of the springs. 

Heavy-duty use

Because these leaf springs are durable, they are ideal for heavy-duty use and off-road terrain.

We recommend using these leaf springs for carts and vehicles with rear seat kit, heavy off-road use, lift kit, and when adding weight to the vehicle. 

Easy installation

When it comes to installing these rear leaf springs, you don’t need to worry about the long installation process.

Although you’d need to get your hands dirty, in under an hour or two hours, you should be done.

But note, we recommend upgrading to a longer U-Bolt when installing this leaf spring and using new bushings. 


The Textron E-Z-GO leaf springs are compatible with a wide variety of models and brands.

It can be used on a 1994 E-Z-GO electric and gas 4 caddy, medalist, Shuttle 2+2, Workhorse MPT, TXT, Clay Cars, and ST models. 


  • Sold in 2 leaf springs pairs at an affordable rate 
  • Very heavy-duty leaf spring 
  • Easy to install 
  • Stiff spring that wouldn’t bottom out quick under the extra weight 


  • You might want to buy new bushings and a longer U-Bolt

07. Pro Comp 53111 Premium Quality Lifted Leaf Spring


The Pro Comp 53111 is another great leaf spring that fits perfectly into several vehicles.

Pro Comp sells the 53111 leaf springs as a single unit and not as a double springs kit at an affordable rate. However, you need to purchase at least two leaf springs per vehicle.  

Great leaf

The Pro Comp 53111 leaf spring is a great buy because it dramatically improves your ride quality. It is way better than the flat and aged OEM leaf springs with RE add-a-leaf.

The versatile application is another reason why many people choose to use Pro Comp. 


Apart from being a great leaf, the Pro Comp leaf spring is also very durable. Pro Comp forged these leaf springs to be stiff by stacking together 5 leaves to form a spring perfect for smooth driving even on rough off-road terrains. 

Outstanding performance

The Pro Comp 53111 leaf springs also can deliver outstanding performance thanks to their durable construction and well-packaged construction.

The best XJ Leaf springs Pro Comp 53111 leaf. Spring weighs a total of 17.214 kilograms. Dimension-wise, this Pro Comp leaf spring measures 128.27 inches high, 27.432 inches wide, and 8.636 inches long. 

Unbeatable price

Despite the amazing quality of this Pro Comp leaf spring, you can get it at a very affordable price.

Compared to other OEM parts, this Pro Comp leaf spring is cheap and gives you value for your money. 


  • Ideal for off-road terrain 
  • Stiff and comfortable driving quality 
  • Easy to install 
  • Cheapest selling price 


  • Sold as a single unit 

08. Crown Automotive 4886186AA Heavy Duty Leaf Spring


Crown Automotive has been a leader in the OEM industry since 1963, producing top-notch brands that improve the overall drivability of a vehicle.

They offer the largest line of replacement parts for jeeps as well as other growing parts for Dodge and Chrysler.

The Crown Automotive 4886186AA is an amazing leaf spring you can get for the lowest price with loads of great features. 

4 leaves slipper

One feature of this leaf spring you’d agree with us that stands out is that it comes with 4 leaf slippers.

Crown Automotive stacked 4 heavy-duty steel together to form this spring. Hence the spring is stiff and capable of supporting the load as well as the vehicle’s weight without sagging down.

Also, these four-leaf slippers are treated to prevent rust, thereby increasing the overall longevity of the spring. 

Versatile compatibility

While there is no doubt that this spring is durable, it’s also important to note that it is also versatile. You can install these leaf springs on an automotive make and model.

Particularly, you can use this leaf spring on a 2000 XJ and 1984-2001 Jeep Cherokee. 


Another reason why we love this leaf spring is that it is quite affordable. Unlike other OEMs, getting a leaf spring of this quality costs several hundreds of dollars.

But Crown Automotive is all about solving the needs of their customers; hence they sell this leaf spring for a price so little it feels like a steal. 

Easy to installation

When it comes to fitting this leaf spring in your vehicle, the procedure is pretty straightforward. However, uninstalling the old springs can be a bit of a hassle.

When you want to install this leaf spring, you will have to get suitable bushings and U-Bolts that will fit perfectly for your vehicle.

Thereafter, the whole installation process takes only a few steps and less than an hour to complete. 


  • Great but not ideal for heavy-duty  
  • Affordable 
  • The installation process is a breeze 
  • Great lift after installation 


  • It does not come with bushings 

09. Rubicon Express RE1462 Leaf Spring for Jeep XJ


Like we said earlier, Rubicon Express is a stand-out leaf springs manufacturer that produces springs you can count on.

The best leaf springs for xj Rubicon Express RE1462 is a premier suspension brand for jeeps on and off the trail.

Overall the Rubicon Express RE1462 is a great leaf spring that improves the performance and drivability of your vehicle, turning it into a monster truck. 

Extreme duty leaf spring

One of the biggest advantages of this leaf spring is that it was specially built for extreme duty. Rubicon Express stacked up to 6 leaves together to form this spring.

As such, the weight of the vehicle plus additional load weight on an off-trail wouldn’t tell on your vehicle because this leaf spring is built to take on the heat. 

Great quality

The leaves of this spring are made with high-quality steel that wouldn’t snap or slack easily. The steel is also treated with paint such that it prevents rusting.

As such, the quality of this spring is preserved, giving you more value for your money. 

Amazing lift

As long as this spring is compatible with your vehicle, it will fit perfectly, providing you with an amazing 4.5 inches lift, especially on Jeep XJ. 

Perfect fit

Another reason we love the Rubicon Express RE1462 is that it fits perfectly into most trucks. It is 128.27 cm long, 30.48 cm wide, and 10.414 cm tall. 


  • Compatible with most automotive 
  • Affordable 
  • Heavy-duty quantity
  • Easy to install


  • U-Bolts not included 

10. Old Man EMU EL095R High Quality Rear Lifted Leaf Spring


Lastly, in this review, we recommend you look out for the Old Man EMU EL095R leaf spring.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re traveling on harsh off-road trails or you’re using your vehicle for towing, the importance of a fully integrated 4X4 suspension system is important, and the Old Man EL095R can help you achieve this superior performance. 

Engineered for both on and off-road trails

The Old Man EL095R is engineered for both on and off-road trails. This means that even if you’re using this leaf spring on a rough road, you wouldn’t feel it so much.

The 6 leaves slippers stacked together in this kit make it durable enough to withstand heavyweight. 

Improves comfort

Old Man EL095R suspension upgrade by ARB offers a noticeable improvement to your vehicle’s performance, including the control characteristics and carrying capacity.

Old Man takes into account your requirements with specialist engineers hours testing and modifying different combinations to determine the most suitable solution for your need.

Versatile compatibility

If not for any other reasons but that this spring kit is compatible with several models and makes it enough reason to buy it. It fits into the 2005 – 2014 Toyota Tacoma (Pre Runner, Base, X-Runner). 

Easy to install

Another feature of this leaf spring kit that exceeds what we expect that it is easy to install.

Despite how versatile and sophisticated these springs are, installation is straightforward as long as you know your way around the mechanics of your vehicle.


  • Designed for superior performance across all terrain
  • Wide compatibility 
  • Easy to install 
  • Better ride quality than stock spring


  • No U-Bolt included in this kit 

Buying Guide for the Best XJ Leaf Springs

Listed below are some things you’re to consider before you purchase replacement leaf springs:


Firstly, before you buy a leaf spring, check its compatibility with your vehicle. If a leaf spring is not compatible with your vehicle, there’s no need to purchase it.

So, check the make and model of your vehicle to ensure they are compatible with and a perfect fit with the spring leaf before you purchase it.

Ensuring a leaf spring is compatible with your vehicle before you buy it so you wouldn’t run into issues when installing it. 


Another factor to take note of is that there are several replacement leaf springs for your vehicle.

In the market today, most leaf springs are grouped based on the number of metal layers they have.

Mono leaf spring is a type of leaf spring made up of a single piece of metal. Note multiple leaf springs have multiple pieces of metal stacked together to increase the sturdiness. 

The Durability of the Material

The durability of the material used in making the leaf spring is another factor to consider. The fact is that most materials are made of hardened steel.

Nevertheless, some leaf spring materials are made of composite material.

And as we’d have it, different materials have different properties, which have a big impact on the performance of the spring.

Ideally, the idea of choosing the right leaf spring is to choose one that supports the weight of the vehicle as well as the additional load it’s carrying. 

Vehicle Requirement and Specification

Not all leaf springs fit all vehicle make and model. As such, it’s only wise to check your vehicle requirements before changing.

You can then use the information to choose the right leaf spring. There is three main measurement information you need to note when choosing a leaf spring.

They are namely: the spring width, main leaf length, and several leaves. On the product listing, you can find this information, so you can use your specification as a reference. 

Best Leaf Springs for XJ Common FAQs

Do leaf spring break?

Yes, leaf spring does break. This is because they are a heavy wear part which means they are subjected to a large amount of impact, causing wear and tear. 

This impact is often caused by repeated flexing, sudden compression, rubbing, and decompression of the leaf spring.

Another way to understand why leaf spring breaks are because they are the buffer between the truck or car and the road.

The best XJ Leaf springs Without the leaf spring, there will be no buffer between your vehicle and the road; hence the road will be very violent and uncomfortable.

This is because the spring takes the majority of the impact from the road. 

Which leaf spring should you remove?

Taking a leaf out of brand new springs tends to soften the ride. In most cases, automotive engineers remove the 3rd or 4th leaf from the main leaf at the front and the 3rd leaf at the rear.

Disassembling each corner of the leaf is an easy approach as you’d not have to deal with the shackle bolt or mess with the axle location. 

Can you rebend leaf springs?

Yes, you can rebend a leaf spring, but it’s not recommendable as it wouldn’t stay stuff for a long time. Rebending leaf spring is done by a process known as re-arching.

Re-arching can be done by a hot or cold method. Cold method re-arching is cheaper than hot re-arching.

Also, cold re-arching requires special equipment like the hydraulic press used to press the leaf at different points.

In contrast, hot re-arching involves annealing each leaf of the steel of the spring, reheating and reshaping it back to its original shape.

When you re-arch old leaf springs, it increases the lifespan.

Can I remove one leaf spring?

Yes, you can remove a leaf from the spring on your vehicle. Perhaps it could be to improve the comfort of the ride quality or something else.

Removing a leaf from the spring of your vehicle is possible. Removing a leaf spring is pretty straightforward.

First, support the truck by frame such that the weight of the truck is off the spring. Next, remove the rear axle, undo the brakes, remove the driveline and the U-Bolts, and with the axle out, go ahead to remove the leaf.

Why do leaf springs sag? 

The reality is that all leaf springs will age. This is because as the springs bear the load, the metal starts to creep from its molecular structure.

As such, as time passes, the spring loses height because the weak molecular structure can’t support the load it bears.

As the spring settles, the height of the vehicle decreases, causing an undesirable change in the wheel alignment of your vehicle. 

What happens if you flip leaf springs?

Installing a leaf spring upside down will result in a disaster. This is because, in the normal upright position, any road impact like speed breakers drives the center of the leaf spring upwards.

So each leaf spring’s curvature increases or flattens. So if you flip the spring, it reduces the ground clearance.

However, this can be an advantage if the road is flat and smooth, as you have better vehicle stability with better aerodynamics and a lower center of gravity.

But if you run into bumps, then there is a huge scope for the lower part of the chassis to get bumped against the road protuberance.

How long does leaf spring last?

How long a leaf spring lasts is a complex question to answer as they are several factors to consider.

These factors include the mileage, type of weight carried by the vehicle, type of road driven on, and age of the spring, amongst others. However, a leaf spring can last for about 200,000 miles.

However, this figure isn’t written in stone, like the springs of some vehicles break with far less than 200,000 miles while some others go well beyond 200,000 miles mark before they break.  

How do I know my leaf spring is bad and needs replacement?

Several factors point to a bad leaf spring when you experience them, telling you they need replacing.

For example, if you notice the spring has lost its uniform curvisor arch that runs along the length of the spring, especially if it has any waviness or humps along its arch is a good pointer it needs replacement.

This means the spring has slacked and will no longer keep your truck high. 

Should leaf springs be lubricated?

Keep leaf springs fairly clean to extend their useable life. However, modern leaf springs shouldn’t be lubricated with oil because they may damage any anti-friction material between the leaves.

Rather it is advisable to spray leaf springs with a silicone-based lubricant. 

Are coil or leaf springs better?

Coil and leaf springs are both great as they help to cushion the impact from the road, but leaf springs are sturdier than coil springs.

Also, the truck’s leaf springs are much easier to raise or lower than coil springs.

This is because leaf springs have a much simpler design as the axle is suspended by the spring, and they don’t require the arduous suspension geometry like the coil spring set-up.


In summary, with all the information provided for you in this article about the best XJ leaf springs, we are confident you will make nothing less than the best choice.

Each product recommended in this review has been tested and assured to work and solve the problem it’s intended to with ease. 

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